Top Tips for Surviving as a New Graduate (Milkround June 2016)

Top Tips for Surviving as a New Graduate

Published on

June 2016

There are many things that you may wish you had done (or not done) while at university, but here are some tips on where to start after you graduate and make the most of your time. It can feel pretty daunting coming out of education, especially if you have nothing lined up afterwards. You are now supposed to be an ‘adult’, even if you don’t feel like it and you are expected to get a ‘real job’. This can be tough, especially in this current economic climate, so any job you can get to start with will still benefit you in the long run.

Experience, experience, experience

This is the key to getting any job and is often more important than what degree you studied. Even a part-time shop assistant vacancy will often require you to have worked in one before. Try and contact as many companies in your chosen career as possible. Even just going in for one day will be beneficial if a full placement is not practical. I have struggled with this myself and cannot stress how important it is to teach you the ropes as well as showing your determination and perseverance.

Take your time

You might not know what career you would like to have when you graduate, this is perfectly normal. Take this time to think about what you enjoy doing and maybe try out some different things. Many people don’t fix onto one career for many years so no need to panic.

Get more knowledge and experience

In some cases you may need to do an extra course or training depending on the path you have chosen. Don’t assume that your degree is always enough and definitely don’t think that being a graduate means you know everything.

If you’re early enough you might be able to get onto a summer internship or placement straight after you graduate so if this option is available to you grab it! It will greatly help you when it comes to applying for jobs.

Focus on the good stuff

At some point you might end up in an unfulfilling job that you may not like. There could come a point where try as you might, the thought will pop into your head: I could do better than this. The trick to this I have found is to appreciate everything that you are getting from that job; be that good friends, building up experience in a recognised company or just the economic benefits.

Relaxation is key

Take some time to relax and enjoy having no deadlines or exams approaching. Meet up with your friends, go on holiday or simply binge on all the TV you’ve missed in the last three years. Personally Sky+ is my saviour but also my nemesis at the same time. The amount of new or repeated TV shows I have stumbled across is ridiculous. Don’t get too stressed if you don’t get that dream job straight away.

Be keen

If you really want something go for it! I applied for my current job four times as I kept getting an interview but was told each time that I’d done well but someone else had the experience. I kept going though which helped in the end; if your name keeps cropping up people will know you are really interested and that might give you the edge.

Keep your chin up

You will feel like giving up sometimes and wondering how those who messed around at school are seemingly doing better than you. However, everyone keeps telling me that good things come to those who wait and I will get there in the end. Fingers crossed!

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