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It’s time to talk about…grief

I’d thought today I’d tackle a topic we’re all ­- especially in Britain - not great at talking about – grief. As its father’s day, it only seems apt that I talk about the loss of my own father 9 years ago. This is not a post hoping to gain sympathy but simply to put… Continue reading It’s time to talk about…grief

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Exciting news….

So, I have some exciting news, I’ve just started a new job. And not just any job; my perfect job. I am now Staff Writer at History Revealed, part of Immediate Media. I’ve spent years trying to get work placements at their magazines and have even started a distance learning journalism course to improve my… Continue reading Exciting news….


Top Things They Don’t Tell You About Being a Graduate

There are many things I thought graduate life would be and so far in these last two years it has not lived up to my expectations. I don't feel more intelligent let alone anywhere near feeling like an adult. I have also struggled to find what people call a 'proper job'. Here are what I… Continue reading Top Things They Don’t Tell You About Being a Graduate