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It’s time to talk about…grief

I’d thought today I’d tackle a topic we’re all ­- especially in Britain - not great at talking about – grief. As its father’s day, it only seems apt that I talk about the loss of my own father 9 years ago. This is not a post hoping to gain sympathy but simply to put… Continue reading It’s time to talk about…grief

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One Day in December

Don’t worry; this isn’t a winter or Christmas blog post. It just so happens that my next book review is a story that features some key moments in December, hence the photo choice. I absolutely fell in love with this book by Josie Silver. I read it every second I could on the train and… Continue reading One Day in December


Things I noticed watching Friends again in 2018

Really interesting points about re-watching Friends from a modern perspective.

Jenny in Neverland

You’re probably aware of the fact that hit American TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S (that took me so long to type omg) was added to Netflix at the beginning of this year. Everywhere you looked, people were shouting it from the rooftops. Netflix users were finally being graced with one of the most loved shows to ever be made. It took me a good few months to finally get around to start watching it again; just through being too busy and having too many other shows on the go. But in May, I finally did it. I committed, once again, to 10 glorious seasons of Friends (I cba with that again). And when I started watching it again, I was certainly surprised at what thoughts popped up. 

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Questions still unanswered over the fate of Bath library

  Controversy surrounding the proposed changes to Bath Central library has led to the council putting plans of a shared use of the building on hold. Their original plan of relocation was met with criticism so it was decided to merge other council services with the library, without holding a public consultation.  This has now… Continue reading Questions still unanswered over the fate of Bath library