Ultimate Power Club Night 23rd December 2016

16215835_10211523583995854_1471191794_nsmallerI have been meaning to write about this ever since I started this blog. What is Ultimate Power I hear you ask? Only the best thing in the world! It’s described as the best night of your life and I feel this is in no way an exaggeration. It’s basically a club night that only plays the best music known to man for four wonderful hours; power ballads! My fiancé and I are not big clubbers at all but we have managed to find a night that we love and that we stay at until the end (3 am if you wanted to know).

So what songs do I mean? Well classics that make an appearance every time guaranteed include Meatloaf’s I’d Do Anything For Love, Celine Dion’s Power of Love and Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse Of The Heart. Sounds awesome doesn’t it? Personal favourites of mine are Alice Cooper’s Poison and Cutting Crew’s I Just Died In Your Arms. They are the kind of songs that you maybe sing to when they’re on the radio and don’t give much thought to but after a night at Ultimate Power you realise how great they are. We have been at least ten times now and kind of came across it by accident when we saw that there was a Bon Jovi tribute band at The Fleece in Bristol. We had been there a number of times and saw that if you bought a ticket you got free entry to this club night so we gave it a try. The main thing I remember from the first night was the mix of people. I feel like power ballads are songs that some would say was a guilty pleasure or would be embarrassed to admit liking. Every time we have gone, there are people of all ages from 50+ to 18 year olds who weren’t even born when these songs became hits. Seeing groups of men singing their hearts out was what surprised me the most but I really do think inside every man there is a secret Whitney or Celine fan. It’s so much fun when everyone is singing along to every word compared to my very limited clubbing experience of wanting to sit down at every other song.At Ultimate Power, there is no sitting down. You want to be up dancing for every second. Every song is one that even if you don’t recognise it at first, as soon as that chorus kicks in you’re screaming the lyrics so much that you can’t talk the next day (this happens to me most times. Also my neck really aches and I blame throwing my head back a bit too much when singing the chorus in Heart’s Alone).

The guys from Ultimate Power are brilliant as you can really tell that they love this music just as much as everyone else does. This most recent time I even had a bit of a sing off with one of them which was a highlight. As it was the day before Christmas Eve obviously we had to have some Christmas tunes in there but when you’ve had a couple of ciders and are with friends, Mariah Carey’s classic Christmas hit isn’t so bad after all. So I advise every music fan who wants a good night to check them out. They travel to clubs in Bristol, London, Manchester, Brighton and Glasgow and I guarantee you won’t look back. We love it so much we are having a hen/stag night there this year. So get out your wigs and air guitars and have fun! (I forgot to mention the blow up guitars! Every time, they chuck into the crowd inflatable guitars and microphones and last time I got one for the first time. I was incredibly excited about this) 🙂

Check them out here to see what I’m talking about. Oh and below is a picture of me and the awesome Ultimate Power DJ 🙂



New Years Resolutions

For 2017 I am making two new year’s resolutions. The first one will be obvious. Even though I profess a love of writing, I appear to lack motivation when it comes to writing this blog. I’m great at writing for others or for my new job but not actually for me so I am determined to update this blog regularly. Whenever I finish a great book, tv show or album I will report on my findings here. In other news,  I now have a real ‘grown up’ job as a copy-writer; not that my jobs before weren’t proper ones but there’s something about doing the 9-5 office thing that feels more adult than shift work. I’m really enjoying getting into a routine and more importantly, writing.

My second resolution is connected to the big event happening for me in 2017. For those who do not know, I am getting married in August. My fiance and I are going on an amazing honeymoon and I want to be able to wear a bikini comfortably so would like to lose some weight. I would not normally write stuff like this for people to read but if it’s out there it will hopefully make it easier for me to achieve. Don’t worry I’m not going on some fad diet and I won’t be posting annoying posts about tiny meals etc. I’m just planning on exercising more and eating better. Any tips appreciated.

Please let me know what your new year’s resolutions are and I hope you’ve all had a great Christmas and New Year.