Something that made me think…

So that promise I made to blog more regularly didn’t go quite to plan, but in my defence a lot has happened since my last post. I have also discovered that I get very easily distracted and have all these great plans to do things like blog but something always gets in the way. I need to find a way to improve my motivation.    Firstly I started my new job as a library assistant which I’m really enjoying but the biggest change is that I’m now engaged. I can see my posts becoming quite wedding related as there is so much to think about. It feels very grown-up to be sorting out wedding venues and photographers but in some ways I still don’t feel old enough. So that I’m not just talking about myself I also want to write about important things that have inspired or affected me. On Thursday night I saw the majority of a programme called Employable Me. It followed two men who have both struggled to gain employment due to their conditions. One has severe Tourette’s which gets considerably worse when in public and the other a form of autism which affects his communication, I don’t know much about either conditions so it was very insightful. It was so sad to see them struggle with rejection when they so clearly wanted to have gainful employment for themselves and their families. They both saw professionals who helped them uncover their potential; the man with autism was extremely clever at visual problems and the man suffering from Tourette’s had a passion and talent for photography which also calmed his tics down. The documentary ended with them both in jobs where the employer was able to see their potential behind their condition but it really got to me and showed me how lucky we are that the majority of us in this country can work (albeit that might not be in the exact career or field that you want or even the desired salary). There are also people out there who do not want to contribute to society and have no work ethic but this show makes me feel that hopefully these are in the minority and it also filled me with hope that there are workplaces that actually look at what a person can do regardless of any conditions or circumstances that affect them. It has definitely made me feel much more grateful for the opportunities I have had.

Emma: Some Sense and Ability, and a lot of Persuasion

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