A lot can happen in a month…

So I have been neglecting my blog after a promising start 😦 I will first blame Download. For the second year running I went to the famous rock and metal festival at Donington. It was amazing, if you like good music check out Muse’s performance; it was incredible. Kiss were also very entertaining for a bunch of OAPs in make-up. Sad thing is when it comes to these things I get very excited about the food choices on offer, I know I have friends out there who can relate to this 😛 When I realised I could try a Pieminister pie it made my day ( of course the music was the best thing :P) Unlike last year, which was dry the majority of the time, this year we had a mini storm on the friday night and spent the rest of the weekend navigating our way through paths of mud. Literally never seen so much of it and I live on the Severn estuary. Also, did not realise how high it can get up your body. Thought I would be fine in wellies, leggings and denim shorts. It wouldn’t reach those surely? Wrong! I did have an amazing time though and even though I’m the clumsy one in our relationship my boyfriend did manage to trip over a guyline, get up and fall again which gave me a good giggle. Another of my favourite moments was going to Ultimate Power on the sunday night (look it up, it’s the best thing ever, hours of just pure power ballads). Seeing a bunch of rockers and heavy metal fans singing their hearts out to Bonnie Tyler and Whitney is great fun.

I have also had a birthday since my last post and like I said before I do feel old now. I volunteer at my local library and recently went to a training session where I’m normally at least 30 years younger than everyone else. This time I was 10 years older than most of the others and was asked to pick some books that would be good for 4-11 year olds to read. Most of them still had the books from when they were that old whereas I just guessed at what children now might like :S

My depressing first post about job prospects after graduating seems to have given me good luck as although it isn’t a ‘graduate’ job I have now got a part-time role at a library. As I love reading I feel I will really enjoy it and after 4 interviews for jobs at the same place it’s good to know that perseverance pays off in the end. So if you have tried before to get that dream job, just remember that.

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