Out of my comfort zone…

Yesterday I did something completely not like me. I voluntarily got on the exercise bike and did a work-out while someone observed me. I do enjoy exercising, classes more than the gym as I’m not very confident and get bored after a while if I’m not motivated. Granted they were actually observing how my boyfriend instructs someone in the gym but I still felt very self-conscious. My boyfriend is studying to be a gym instructor and eventually a personal trainer and needed someone to use as a guinea pig for his practical assessment; lucky me! After all the worry I actually enjoyed it and more importantly he passed 😀 He had asked me to do a few things wrong so that he could correct me however the wobbling during the lunges was completely accidental. The point of this post is to say that sometimes it can be good for you to do something that puts you out of your comfort zone as it can help someone else as well as being fun.

Emma: Some Sense and Ability, and a lot of Persuasion

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