Feeling old now….

A couple of days ago I saw students from my old secondary school on their last day of school, polo shirts covered in writing from friends and teachers alike and I was taken back to mine. It’s been seven years(!?!) since I was at school and I can still remember it like it was yesterday. Talking about yesterday I saw a friend of mine announce on Facebook that she has now finished her degree and is officially a doctor! When did we all get so grown-up?  Feel like I should really be achieving more than I am now. It’s also amazing how quickly you see sixteen year olds and think ‘I don’t feel much older than you but I definitely act like it’. Were we all like that? I do still get a little excited however when I get asked for ID at a bar or supermarket, you’re supposed to ‘think 25’ and I don’t think I look that old 😛  Anything else that makes you feel more like an adult now? Let me know 🙂

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