Top Things They Don’t Tell You About Being a Graduate

There are many things I thought graduate life would be and so far in these last two years it has not lived up to my expectations. I don’t feel more intelligent let alone anywhere near feeling like an adult. I have also struggled to find what people call a ‘proper job’. Here are what I believe to be the top things I wish I’d known before:

  • You will believe a degree opens all these doors for you. For some lucky people this is true but for others you will find that experience is key and that in order to get experience you need previous experience. What? I’m currently struggling with this particular conundrum myself.
  • You will also think that a degree holds the answers and makes you super intelligent. You should see me at the local pub quiz having to use my fingers to add up our score. Not doing maths since school definitely shows.
  • At some point you will end up in unfulfilling job. This could be at bar or a supermarket or an office and you might enjoy it but there will be a point where try as you might the thought will pop into your head: I could do better than this. The trick to this I have found is to appreciate what you are getting from that job; be that good friends, building up experience in a recognised company or just the economic benefits.
  • A lot of TV will be consumed. Sky+ is my saviour and nemesis at the same time. The amount of new or repeated tv shows I have stumbled across is ridiculous. What is worse is the show has to be awful for me not to get hooked. When I learnt that Revenge was ending I was inconsolable.
  • You will feel like giving up sometimes and wondering how those who messed around at school are seemingly doing better than you. However, everyone keeps telling me that good things come to those who wait and I will get there in the end. Fingers crossed!

So that’s basically summed up where I am at the moment. Hope you enjoyed and if you have any tips or other things that are not what you expected about being a  graduate do comment below 🙂

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